Shimmer & Shine crystal bracelets. 🌟 Shimmer & shine bright like the diamond God made you to be💍. Wear alone or stack together with your favorite colors. 🌈 My jewelry line serves as a special reminder of your identity in the one that designed you & helps you to see yourself through God's eyes. Eyes of kindness, acceptance and most of all love! ❤️ Click on the link below to view the whole line on Etsy.

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Designed For More!

We wear designer clothes, carry designer bags, drive designer cars and live in designer homes.  But why don't we live designer lives?  The life that God, our designer, designed for us to live.

What you will receive in this book are the top 4 steps God showed me to create my designer life.  Where I went from surviving to thriving, feeling alive and loving my life!

God has designed a unique life for each of us.  Just like when He created a tree which can be designed into a table and a chair.  He designed you for more.  He created you with unique gifts and talents that make up who you are. 

Stop going through the motions and start living the life you were designed to live. 

Because you are
"Designed For More." 



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