Are these 3 D's keeping you from finding God? 🤔

Hey girl,

One of Satan's main purpose is to keep us from finding and spending time with God.  The 3 D's he uses to do that are: distraction, deception and discouragement.  

The world abounds with things to distract us from Him, so don't be upset when you realize your mind has wandered.  Just return to Him with a smile and whisper His name in loving contentment.  Deception is one of Satan's favorite tactics, from the time of Adam and Eve onward.  The best defense against the devil's deception is to study and absorb God's word.  Discouragement knocks at the door of every human heart at times, but you can refuse to let it in. 

As you resist these tricky tactics and look for God, you will find Him.  His promise to be with you always ensures that you never have to face anything alone.  This promise is for everyone who trusts Him as Savior.  However, to reap the benefits of this amazing blessing, we must look for Him in the midst of our situation.  This sounds easy, but it's not and it's a choice. (Jesus Today, Sarah Young)

Next time you feel distracted, deceived or discouraged, choose to turn to God.  Spend time with Him and His word and watch the 3 D's slowly disappear.

Which of the 3 D's above are you having the hardest time with? 

Reply to this email and let's strategize about how you will fight back.

Blessings always,


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